About the Artist

Yadi began making quilts at 17 years of age and has continued in this medium to present time. In her work, Yadi expresses relationships to people, landscapes, flowers, the cosmos and Self. Her work has branched from traditional quilt patterns to designing her own patterns in order to construct large nature inspired images and florals. Nature is her inspiration in all aspects of her life.

Another area of interest has been in portraits made of cloth. She began designing faces 8 years ago and finds that sculpting faces of cloth is exciting in its texture and use of thread to capture the essence and character of her subjects. Yadi is an identical twin and part of a large family, in-law family and family of friends. Relationships are integral to her creative and soulful life and thus to be imagining faces of fabric is a natural creative expression.

Yadi enjoys collaborating with buyers on commissioned quilts of any kind. Yadi can be contacted by phone at 505 466 3660  or by email.